Corporate succession

The twilight of your professional life is in sight and you now confront the issue of who you can entrust your company to for the future. You wish to ensure that your life's work ends up in the right hands. Corporate succession is a very complex challenge that every entrepreneur will at some point be confronted with.

The decision on the succession procedure can have far-reaching consequences – for the company itself as well as for employees, customers and business partners. In addition, an entire spate of business administration, legal and tax-law traps lie in wait. On the issue of the corporate succession procedure you should therefore never do without professional support.

Advice on a par with our clients

As experts with many years of experience in corporate succession, we accompany you strategically as you approach the individual succession procedure – from identification of potential succession candidates through value calculation and right through to contract closing. This is done in close coordination with your attorneys, tax accountants and auditors.

In this matter, we not only look back on our more than 40 years of M&A consulting but are entrepreneurs ourselves. That sharpens our sensitivity for the emotional and commercial aspects of corporate succession and makes independent consulting on a par with our clients possible. From one entrepreneur to another.

Options in the succession procedure

Company owners frequently wish to pass the company on to their own children and in that way see their life's work continued in the family. But not everyone is in the fortunate position of being able to find his appropriate successor in his own family.

In that case, frequently (partial) sale to a strategic investor or holding company offers the solution. Perhaps a proven executive from the company is suitable as a potential successor (management buyout). Or you bring an outside executive into the company to entrust entrepreneurial responsibility for your life's work to (management buy-in).

Whichever succession procedure you decide upon, the important thing is that you begin to deal with this issue early on. Only in that way can you make the right decision in a well-planned manner and with the necessary long-term perspective. For yourself and for the future of your company.

process flowchart