Company sale

Would you like to sell your company? Are you looking for a trustworthy buyer who will successfully carry on the business in your spirit? Sale of a company is always a challenging task. In this matter, not only the entrepreneur's interests must be taken into account but the concerns of employees and customers as well.

That is why selling a company requires lots of experience, sector knowledge and a good overview of the market. In addition, discretion and stringent process orientation are required – as well as flexibility in order to be able to react quickly and appropriately to changes in underlying conditions. Precisely such experience, competence and discretion are characteristic of the consultants at Real Treuhand, a company with more than 40 years of experience. You can rely on this!

The concrete procedure in a company sale is always dependent upon the sale strategy which is the product of our clients' individual goals and market conditions. We accompany you, with determination and discretion, through all steps of the sale process – from initial contact with prospective buyers through company valuation and contract negotiations right through to signing of the purchase agreement.

Our services in a company sale:

  • Analysis and detailed presentation of the company
  • Calculation of company value
  • Staking out the sale strategy
  • Identification of suitable takeover and investment candidates
  • Discrete contacting of potential prospects
  • Obtaining confidentiality declarations
  • Preparation, coordination and moderation of negotiations with individual prospects
  • Drafting of company law and tax law investment and takeover strategies with the involvement of your auditors, tax accountants and attorneys
  • Active assistance up through signing of the purchase agreement

Sale of family owned companies

With family owned companies in particular company sale is a very sensitive issue that presupposes a special relationship of trust between seller and advisor. Not only financial aspects are important in this matter but personal ones as well. Ultimately, it is frequently a matter of nothing less than an entrepreneur's lifetime work.

The selection of appropriate transaction partners must therefore be carefully prepared and well thought out. Generally, decisions on the succession procedure take months if not years to come to fruition. And you should in fact take your time, since, just like you, we want to make sure that your company ends up in the best hands.

process flowchart